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Money is dark

posted Mar 29, 2011, 9:02 AM by Anthony Gedrich
Sad to announce, u gotta pay ur own shipping now.  Sorry.

In happier news, we've added another release to our upcoming list by Satanized from Philly/NYC. I have seen these dudes a couple times and everything I have heard and seen of them has been awesome.  Featuring Alex Nagle (Thought Streams, Normal Love) and Evan Lipson (Normal Love, Dynamite Club). Rarely does a band so well fuse complex songwriting and nihilistic punk/noise as these guys do. Somewhere within that dissonance is where you find yourself when seeing/hearing them - scratching your head at how dudes could be so sick and yet so sick. Looking to have it out by May in a trio pack with Krallice and Yukon.